Information Technology Wing

Information Technology Wing

Information Technology Wing has been providing technical backbone to automate the processes involving recruitments for various posts and conduct of Competitive Examinations. Systems in place are both department and candidate centric. Summary of the systems is as follows;

Department Centric Systems:

  • Competitive Examinations System
  • General Recruitment System (GR)
  • Pre-Scrutiny Eligibility Determination
  • VeriSys - NADRA (for CNIC Verification)
  • HR Management Information System
  • Library Information System
  • Debarred Candidates Database
  • IT Security Policy
  • Local Area Network for information exchange

Candidate Centric Systems:

  • Online Application Submission System (GR/CSS)
  • Online Admission Certificate Generation
  • Online Detailed Marks Sheet Generation
  • SMS Based Information Delivery System
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • FPSC website ( )

All applications for General Recruitment are invited online through FPSC's website i.e. . Applicants need not to submit hardcopies of applications or certificates etc. at time applying for the post. Admission Certificates for appearing in the test are also placed online.