Group Activities

گروپ سرگرمیاں بابت سی ایس ایس امتحان


1. The purpose of group activities is to test the ability of each candidate to work in and with a group.  The part each of you play, in these activities is expected to demonstrate whether you possess the personal qualities we seek to the degree required.  Your active participation in the session is essential for this evaluation.

2. In first session all candidates participate in two group discussions, one in Urdu and one in English. The subject of discussion is concerned with something on which each of you already may have formed firm convictions or on which official action has been taken.

3. In second session you will participate in committee like activities which usually address various problems encountered in every day working in administrative, educational or social set ups. You will each get a separate problem, and will be given 15 minutes to study, analyze and define the basic issues involved in the problem on your own and plan a strategy for solution. It is important that you remain focused on the issue at hand and avoid far fetched assumptions.  It is not essential to assign designations to the members and an open discussion on the issue should be encouraged.  

4. Later on you will get 8 minutes to present your task, solicit suggestions from group and finally take some action toward resolution of the problem and give an oral solution within the allotted time. Although specialized technical or subject matter knowledge may aid in quickly analyzing and defining the basic issue, such knowledge is not required for participation in these discussion. As you are expected to manage your time efficiently you must utilize your reading time of 15 minutes properly.

5. Each of you will be evaluated on the extent to which you clearly demonstrate that you possess the personal qualities we seek, and not in terms of the side you may take on an issue.  It will not matter in your rating whether you oppose or support an action or position previously taken on the problem.  You will be rated primarily on your perception and development of the issue, your grasp and treatment of the ideas, the logic of your reasoning, your ability to formulate and present ideas, and your general conduct and effectiveness in individual action.