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22-NOV-17 .F.4-152/2016 Assistant Controller of Store/ Purchase
20-NOV-17 .F.4-30/2017 Medical Officer
20-NOV-17 .F.4-133/2017 Assistant Chief Fuel - 2nd Notice
17-NOV-17 .F.4-159/2017 Assistant Technical Officer (2nd. Notice)
17-NOV-17 .F.4-203/2017 Medical Officer (Female)
16-NOV-17 .F.4-189/2017 Welfare Officer (Lady)
16-NOV-17 .F.4-199/2017 Principal Midwifery Training School
16-NOV-17 .F.4-145/2017 Junior Establishment and Finance Officer
16-NOV-17 .F.4-151/2017 Lecturer/Instructor
15-NOV-17 .F.4-161/2017 Lady Welfare Officer
15-NOV-17 .F.4-173/2017 Assistant Manager IT
15-NOV-17 .F.4-176/2017 Assistant Director (Male)
14-NOV-17 .F.4-135/2017 Director
14-NOV-17 .F.4-204/2017 Medical Officer (Male)
14-NOV-17 .F.4-161/2017 Lady Welfare Officer
14-NOV-17 .F.4-185/2017 Chemist
14-NOV-17 .F.4-68/2017 Assistant Census Commissioner (3rd Notice)
10-NOV-17 .F.4-170/2017 Software Engineer

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