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21-JUL-17 .F.4-303/2016 Deputynbsp Director/Protector of Emigrants
19-JUL-17 .F.4-12/2017 Deputy Director
19-JUL-17 .F.4-61/2017 Junior Civilian Security Officer
19-JUL-17 .F.4-121/2017 Nutritionist
18-JUL-17 .F.4-8/2017 Senior Mining Geologist
18-JUL-17 .F.4-40/2017 Assistant Professor (Female)
18-JUL-17 .F.4-63/2017  Film Inspector
18-JUL-17 .F.4-11/2017 Development Specialist
18-JUL-17 .F.4-115/2017 Occupational Therapists
18-JUL-17 .F.4-63/2017 Film Inspector
18-JUL-17 .F.4-18/2017 Director
18-JUL-17 .F.4-13/2017 Psychometrician
18-JUL-17 .F.4-276/2016 Associate Professor/ Vice Principal GeographyFemale
18-JUL-17 .F.4-119/2017 Social Welfare Officer
18-JUL-17 .F.4-119/2017 Social Welfare Officer
18-JUL-17 .F.4-81/2017 Assistant Commissioners
18-JUL-17 .F.4-117/2017 Speech Therapist
14-JUL-17 .F.4-48/2017 Asstt. Engineering Adviser Civil/Senior Engr.Floods/DD Supervision Monitoring
12-JUL-17 .F.4-28/2017 Assistant Professsor_Vice Principal (BOTANY) (FEMALE)
09-JUL-17 .F.4-9/2017 Lecturer (Male) (2nd. Notice)

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